Thursday, April 10, 2014

S.H.Figuarts Clearance!! While Stock Last!

S.I.C, SHF and Medicom Masked Rider items all 20% discount!!

Special Offer for below are price as follows:

SHF Fourze Module Set 01 Rm40

SHF Fourze Module Set 02 Rm40

SHF Fourze Module Set 03 Rm40

SHF Fourze Stand an Effect Rm40

SHF Fourze Elec States Rm70

SHF Fourze Fire States Rm70

SHF Fourze Meteor Storm Rm80

SHF Fourze Meteor Rm80

SHF Akiba Blue Rm80

SHF Akiba Yellow Rm80

SHF Akiba Super Yellow Rm80

SHF Akiba Super Blue Rm80

SHF FourzeMassigler Rm100

SHF Shocker Rider Rm180

SHF Daguba Zeba Rm180

SHF Eternal Red Flare Rm200

SHF Mezool Rm180

SHF Nazco Dophant Rm180

SHF Claydoll Dophant Rm150

SHF Nazca Dophant R Rm180

SHF Gill Raider Rm150

SHF Riotrooper Rm80

SHF Fourze Meteor Storm Rm90

SHF Sakurajima Rm90

SHF Riderman Rm100

SHF Claws Set Rm80
SHF Sky High Rm70

SHF Magnet States Rm80

SHF EX DashBoost Unit Rm180

SHF Kyouryu Greeed Rm180

SHF Kazuma Rm80

SHF Zectrooper Rm70

SHF Osto Rm180

SHF Ride Vendor Rm80

SHF Weather Dophant Rm180

SIC Kiwami Agito Flame and Storm Rm160

SHF Zeronos Rm80

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