Friday, August 15, 2014

Akan Datang

TF AOE Movie EX Wheeljack (Limited)

TF AOE Rusty Optimus Prime (Limited)

TF Leader Class Bumblebee

TF IDW Sold in Set only

TF Beast Hunters Wave 4

TF Generations Legend Nemesis Prime and CLiffjumper

Orchid Seed 1/5 Sonico Berry ver

Play Arts Kai Edward

Play Arts Kai Connor

Neca 1/4 Captain America

ES Gokin Mazinger Z

ES Gokin Great Mazinger

Figma Levi

Figma Shimakaze

Nendoroid Levi

Nendoroid Shimakaze

Nendoroid Luigi

Neca The Spy and The Engineer

Neca Deadite Ash

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