Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pre-order Items

Pre-order STGCC Items

All items must pay in full. First come first serve. Limited units only.

1.TF Combiner Wars Hunter set Rm500 
2.TF Combiner Wars Devastator Rm1200 
3.Fans project Positum Rm500 
4.Fans project Volar metallic Rm580 
5.Mastermind Creations Nero Rex Rm2500 
6.Kids Nation King Starscream Coronation Set Rm150 

7.Kids Nation Ultra Magnus Rm550 
8.Greeco MGS White Raiden Rm1050 
9.Metamor Black Gaiking Rm800 

All prices with GST included. Shipping will be additional.

Deadline 25th September 2015

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